Members received our monthly newsletter via email to keep them updated on all our events and playgroups as well as offers from our business affiliates.  Weekly updates keep everyone in the loop

MAMA has 3 groups and 1 page on Facebook

MAMA Bermuda- This group is only for current MAMA members and posts information and photos about events, playgroups and anything related to public relations for MAMA.

Friends of MAMA- This group is intended to be a conversational forum for current and previous MAMA members. Whether swapping tips, sharing information about local events, asking for advice or instant help we only ask that you be respectful of fellow members. Current business members are also invited to post information about their companies and any special promotions.

MAMA Market- This marketplace helps us to buy, sell, give and bargain hunt in between MAMA carboot sales. This page is open to the public. Please check rules for posting.

MAMA Page:

MAMA Connecting Families with Fun
This page is intended to promote MAMA events that are open to the public. The page was established to reach out to non-MAMA members, but all are welcome to “like” this page.