Bermuda Amazing Multiples

Bermuda Amazing Multiples (BAM) is a part of MAMA.

If you are expecting or have twins, triplets or more, this is a group for you! Raising multiples is exciting, dynamic and sometimes just overwhelming. It brings about questions and situations that are unique to multiples families and having a network of families that understand that uniqueness is what BAM is. We have playgroups for mothers and babies in Bermuda, couples dinners and provide the support of knowing you are not alone in the amazing, tiring adventure of raising multiples! BAM provides a network of other multiples families in Bermuda to lean on for advice, friendly ears to listen and laughter.

Thank you to our new BAM co-ordinator, Wendy Wiseman, who is mum to Bram and twins, Nate and Zoe. If you’d like to find out more about BAM please contact Wendy at [email protected] You can also follow our page on Facebook here.