Bilingual Playgroups

Our bilingual playgroups are more informal meetings, run by member volunteers. If you are interested in attending, or setting up a new bilingual playgroup, please contact us on [email protected]


Nanny Annabelle Lozada is in charge of the Filipino bilingual playgroup and is more than happy to assist any families new to the island. Please email [email protected] for more information.

Nanny Annabelle Lozada


We invite you to join our French playgroup every Wednesday from 3.30-5.00pm starting September 11. We will sing songs, read books and play together all in French at Christine’s house in Devonshire (Mums will also host occasionally at their homes).

The French speaking playgroup is for age 0-6 years. Fro more information, please contact Christine at [email protected]

For general information about meeting French families in Bermuda, you can also contact Elodie at [email protected]


“Willkommen & Hallo” to all German speaking moms and kids!

Please join our weekly German “Hallo, hallo schoen das du da bist!” playgroup on Thursday afternoons in Devonshire.
We will sing and dance to fun German songs, read books and have some playtime afterwards. Don’t be shy to join, even if your level of German is basic.

Please contact Christine at [email protected] if you would like to join.


The Indian Playgroup does not have a set time/place but Sheetal plans to have the group meet either Mondays or Fridays at a park, restaurant or perhaps having a potluck at one of the Playgroup’s member’s homes.

Sheetal has formed the Indian Playgroup to help Indian families with kids connect. She feels it is important for children to learn about their Indian culture and feels that the playgroup can help Indian kids stay close to their roots/traditions.

By celebrating the Indian festivals together it will help the children understand their significance.

She invites you all – whether from the North, South, East or West to come and be a part of helping our children understand the importance and richness of our culture and traditions.

For more information and details please e-mail [email protected].


The Japanese playgroup doesn’t have a set day/time, but usually meet on Friday after school. Venues include parks, playgrounds, members’ houses and sometimes at child-friendly restaurants for lunch. During school breaks, we tend to have a potluck type of gathering. At playgroups try to bring something “cultural” when there is a special holiday or event of Japan.

Currently, attended by children from 1-11 years old, including non-Japanese members who have studied Japanese or lived in Japan.

If you are interested, please e-mail [email protected].


Moon Bae is our Korean bilingual playgroup contact mum. It is for Korean speaking kids to get connected and for any mom/dads who are interested in Korean food to share recipes.

For meeting time and information please email [email protected].


Beatriz Cobeño López is the Spanish Bilingual Playgroup contact mum. Please email [email protected] for more details.


Sawasdee kha – we welcome and look forward to meeting all Thai speaking families to the group! Please contact Sara Donnithorne at [email protected]


Tracy would be happy to hear from anyone wanting to meet up; please email [email protected].