How can I advertise with MAMA?

Please contact [email protected] for information.

When can I expect my newsletter?

Our newsletter contains articles, advice, events, and other club news. We print eleven newsletters a year. The July/August newsletter is a double-issue. We publish the newsletter at the end of the month so it is ready to email in the beginning of the each month. Depending on when you paid your dues, you will receive the next or following month’s newsletter.

I am not receiving your emails or newsletter

There are some email settings worth noting to ensure you receive MAMA emails.

Unrecognized email addresses may end up in your SPAM folder. Modify your SPAM filter to accept any email with @mama.bm in the sender name.

We often get email bounce backs due to email accounts being full. Please check to ensure you have space available in your email account.

Add [email protected] as a known contact in your email address book as this is where the majority of MAMA emails are distributed from at this time.

If you have tried the steps outlined above and are still having an issue, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Can I submit an article to your newsletter?

Absolutely! Our Newsletter Committee is always looking for members to participate in writing articles for the newsletter. Please submit your articles to [email protected] before the 17th of the month and your article should be published in the following month’s newsletter.

How can I get involved with MAMA?

MAMA is entirely run by volunteers and we are always looking for more help. We frequently need help during events, playgroup coordinators and other positions. Email [email protected] to learn more.

How can I become a member of MAMA?

MAMA is open to all families and caregivers looking to meet other people and find activities for their children. Your membership fee covers mum, dad and children. You are also welcome to name a nanny on your account.

It is also possible to set up an independent account as a caregiver. We currently have nannies and grandparents listed as members.

Join here.

My baby is too little to play. Why should I join MAMA?

Playgroups are designed with the caregiver in mind, so that you can create your own support system and resources within our association. Our playgroups are a wonderful way to establish yourself with a small group whose primary goal is to support one another through the challenges of caregiving. You can attend any of the parish playgroups, bilingual playgroups or baby group.

Can MAMA help me find childcare?

Not really. You can lookup registered providers on the government’s site at www.health.gov.bm. You can also put an ad in the monthly newsletter, the Stroller and on our website.

Does MAMA have a multiples group?

Yes! Bermuda Amazing Multiples (BAM) is now a part of MAMA. We have playgroups for families of multiples, mom’s dinner and our multiple moms can help to provide advice specific to raising multiples. You can email us at [email protected] You can also follow and like our page on Facebook.

Does MAMA have a Facebook page?

Yes. MAMA has several group pages on Facebook.

MAMA Connecting Family with Fun which is an open group intended to promote MAMA events that are open to the public. To gain the full benefits and access to all MAMA events, please consider joining.

MAMA Bermuda– which is a closed group for members of MAMA to keep updated on
MAMA events and activities

Friends of MAMA – a closed group that is intended to be a conversational forum for MAMA Members. Whether swapping tips, sharing local events, asking for advice or crowd sourcing

MAMA Market Bermuda – a closed group that is a marketplace, inspired by the successful boot sales held by the MAMA GROUP. It helps us to buy, sell, bargain hunt in between carboot sales.